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I'm not mad... honest!

28 February
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  • yma2@livejournal.com
Hay, the name's Yma and it's about time I updated this profile.
I won't talk much, except to say that I am a fanfic writer of various fandoms. I suppose I'm best known for my Trigun and my X-men Evolution work, but I've dipped into Harry Potter, Farscape, Saiyuki, Last Exile, Buffy, Yu-Gi-Oh and probably a couple more.
I love writing of all sorts, from slash porn, to sweet gen. Humour, angst, adventure, everything's good as long as it's written well.
All are welcome, friend me and, so long as you're journal lookes even dimly interesting, I'll be sure to do the same back.
WARNING: Some of the material here may not be fit for younger audiences. I'd certainly mark this journal as a whole PG-13. I do occasionally write some pretty hard stuff, not much NC-17, but certainly R. Anything of this nature will be under an LJ cut and, if you are underage and click on said cut, I take no responsibility for the consequences.
Just so we have taht all sorted out.
I hope you enjoy my journal, please leave reviews of any fics you likes, feel free to comment, and all the rest of it.
Have fun!
Oh, and thanks to Wolf of the Leaf for my wonderful, fan art Trigun Icon!
My Remus Lupin Icon is drawn by the wonderfuly talented Laura Freeman. Check out here fantastic site! 'http://www.nasubionna.net/hp'