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Fanfic for alytha

This is a fic written for my RL friend, at her behedst. It was inspired by a very silly MSN conversation. Not, by any means, one of my best but it fills the bare neccecities of the challenge. If you are interested feel free to click but don't expect anything spectacular. I was in a bit of a hurry to get it done and it is so worryingly Crack!Tastic that it is probably very hard to take seriously.

A Doctor Who fic based on a Challenge. (Details of which aer under the cut). Spoilers for Last of The Timelords.

Three days after the Tardis had dematerialized from New Earth, leaving the newly released human race to rediscover the highways of byways of New York, The Face of Boe awoke.

Novice Hane smiled gently down at it as she adjusted the machinery that helped keep it’s frail life-force going.

‘We fooled him,’ she crooned, softly.

‘Of course,’ replied the Face, a smile twisting its large lips. ‘Did you ever think otherwise?’

‘O-of course not!’ stuttered the cat woman, bowing her head demurely and taking a step backwards.

‘Mmmm.’ murmured Boe, ‘Well he was never the most intelligent of regenerations, that one. And this has all happened before, you know?’

‘Yes,’ said the Nurse, reverently. ‘As you spoke before, when you placed that child-clone upon the shores of the silver desolation. Will he… will he complete his task?’

‘In a manner of speaking,’ replied Boe, ‘he will fail in the task he sets himself, but succeed in the task I set for him. His death will break the Doctor utterly and, from that gulf, I shall arise.’

‘I… I do not understand.’

A dark laugh, ‘Of course not, child. And nor does he. I scarcely think he even tried to put together the pieces, naive as he is. A creature such as yourself, an expert in disease, happening to be here, in a world destroyed by it? Oh no; he must have considered that sheer coincidence.’ Boe chuckled again. ‘And if knew of your skill in cloning, ah… that would break his little hearts. Again.’

‘And what now, Lord?’

‘Do not call me that!’ the Face of Boe’s words were thunder in the air and Novice Hain coward beneath their rumblings.

‘I am sorry Master!’ she keened, ‘Master! Master I am sorry!’

‘As you should be,’ growled the Face. ‘Too long have I been trapped in this form, with so many false names. Ah, but soon, my little pet, soon I shall be reborn! The time Loop has been dealt with, thanks to that information that fool immortal Jack was so kind as to present. You see, my little pet, the Doctor was, is, and will be too broken to even kill that frail clone, so, I ask, how will he manage me? The true Master? He will not and, once more, I shall rule the cosmos!’

(The challenge was, for those who are interested, write a fic Featuring the theory that the Face of Boe is, in fact The Master. Hope it worked!)

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