Avatar the Last Airbender


I mean... wow! What an awsome show! HIghly enjoyable, fantastic world, great characterisation, one of the best shows I've seen in a while! And all from what is meant to be a kids TV program. I am very impressed!

So... does anyone wanna enthuse with me? Or, better yet, can anyone direct me to some good fanfic for it please?

Big Ol' Face and the LJ Strikeout (version 2!)

Right, so now I've got your attention...

That picture was taken by my friend Carole at the Doctor Who exhibition which was at the Manchester Museumn of Science and Industry. Great fun! Wish we'd taken more pics with me and the monsters... but I'm espeiclaly happy with the Boe pic...

At any rate ; my feelings/reactions as regards the whole SixApart, LJ, strikeout stuff... Cick beneath the cut if you wanna read it.

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Return and HP.

Back from Mealstrom, had an utterly awsome time, but won't go into details now. I'm avoiding reading too much of my friends page due to worry over finding HP spoilers. I'm waiting 'till I've finished the book which, all things considered, shouldn't be too long.

In the mean time if there's anything urgent you think I should see just say.

Will try to post something more interesting later.

Still alive!

Yep, I'm still here!

I really should proceed with a long post about all the stuff I've been up to, but I can't say I'm in the mood. Since I last posted I've been to Bangor, Flint, and Manchester. Visiting various friensd and Role Playing to my little heart's content!

Unfortunately this means my fic output has been nill, but maybe after Mealstrom I'll get back to it.

Speaking of Mealstrom... I'm looking forward to it, but I do have an oncoming feeling of DOOM and I worry that the weather will be crap. Oh well.

Ho hum...

Managed to avoid ALL spoilers for Deathly Hollows and I'm intending to buy myself a copy of it on the way back from Mealstrom. Looking forward to seeing how it ends, though. I anticipate much HP fic on the way...

I'll try and write/update again when I get back from Mealstrom.