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I'm not mad... honest!

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21st February 2010

7:00pm: Avatar the Last Airbender

I mean... wow! What an awsome show! HIghly enjoyable, fantastic world, great characterisation, one of the best shows I've seen in a while! And all from what is meant to be a kids TV program. I am very impressed!

So... does anyone wanna enthuse with me? Or, better yet, can anyone direct me to some good fanfic for it please?

3rd January 2010

4:24pm: End of Time pt2
First of all I should begin by saying I really enjoyed The End of Time part 2...

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25th December 2009

10:00pm: Dr Who Christmas Special - End of Time
Been a while, hasn't it? Well I'm at my grans and a bit bored so I thought I'd post a thought or two about the latest Dr Who Special. Click under the cut if interested, contains spoilers.

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29th July 2008

8:59pm: Vampire Knight: Anime Review
Vampire Knight
Another Yma Revew

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Agree? Dissagree? Put your thoughts here!
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11th July 2008

1:14pm: Not Dead! (and a meme)
I'm not dead! And to prove it... a meme!

(RP Meme below cut)

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11th August 2007

3:06pm: Big Ol' Face and the LJ Strikeout (version 2!)

Right, so now I've got your attention...

That picture was taken by my friend Carole at the Doctor Who exhibition which was at the Manchester Museumn of Science and Industry. Great fun! Wish we'd taken more pics with me and the monsters... but I'm espeiclaly happy with the Boe pic...

At any rate ; my feelings/reactions as regards the whole SixApart, LJ, strikeout stuff... Cick beneath the cut if you wanna read it.

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6th August 2007

10:39pm: Yma's Anime Review: Noein
Here's my latest anime review. It's of a show called Noein. Check it out and leave a comment if you can!

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27th July 2007

9:42pm: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Reaction Post
Spoilers under the cut, obviously.

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24th July 2007

12:08am: Return and HP.
Back from Mealstrom, had an utterly awsome time, but won't go into details now. I'm avoiding reading too much of my friends page due to worry over finding HP spoilers. I'm waiting 'till I've finished the book which, all things considered, shouldn't be too long.

In the mean time if there's anything urgent you think I should see just say.

Will try to post something more interesting later.
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18th July 2007

1:48pm: Still alive!
Yep, I'm still here!

I really should proceed with a long post about all the stuff I've been up to, but I can't say I'm in the mood. Since I last posted I've been to Bangor, Flint, and Manchester. Visiting various friensd and Role Playing to my little heart's content!

Unfortunately this means my fic output has been nill, but maybe after Mealstrom I'll get back to it.

Speaking of Mealstrom... I'm looking forward to it, but I do have an oncoming feeling of DOOM and I worry that the weather will be crap. Oh well.

Ho hum...

Managed to avoid ALL spoilers for Deathly Hollows and I'm intending to buy myself a copy of it on the way back from Mealstrom. Looking forward to seeing how it ends, though. I anticipate much HP fic on the way...

I'll try and write/update again when I get back from Mealstrom.
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6th July 2007

2:53am: Madonna: Doctor Who Fanfic
Here's another Doctor Who fanfic. No challenge this time, just a little something I came up with. Set after Last of the Timelords.

Title: Madonna
Auther: Yma
Rating: PG13
Characters: Lucy Saxon and Harold Saxon
Summery: Harold Saxon wakes Lucy Saxon up with breakfast in bed and all is not what it seems.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and all associated characters belong to the BBC.
Notes: Set after Last of the Timelords. So see how that's possible read the fic!

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1st July 2007

10:38pm: Fanfic for alytha
This is a fic written for my RL friend, at her behedst. It was inspired by a very silly MSN conversation. Not, by any means, one of my best but it fills the bare neccecities of the challenge. If you are interested feel free to click but don't expect anything spectacular. I was in a bit of a hurry to get it done and it is so worryingly Crack!Tastic that it is probably very hard to take seriously.

A Doctor Who fic based on a Challenge. (Details of which aer under the cut). Spoilers for Last of The Timelords.

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30th June 2007

8:52pm: The Last of the Time Lords
Have just seen Last of the Timelords. Spoilers under the cut.

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6:57pm: Well Lived In
Less than ten minutes before the final ep of the season here's my own kinda-sorta post Last of the Timelord's fic.

I imagine this will probably be redundant after this ep, but then again it might not be. It's not entirely out of the realms of possiblity.

At any rate, here it is. It's just a little idea that wouldn't leave me alone. Read and giggle. Oh, contains spoilers for The Sound of Drums.

If you enjoy, please comment! Thanks.

Title: Well Lived In
Summery: In which Martha configures computers, the Doctor does domestic and the Master proves how evil he really is.
(AKA Or what happens when the Master lives in your Tardis for eighteen months)
Rating: PG13
Genre: Comedy
Speculative post Last of the Time Lords. Will probahbly be jossed.
Disclamer: Doctor Who, the Tardis, or anything linked to it is not mine. I am just having a bit of fun.

Edit: I literally finished this a few moments ago and wanted to get it up before I watched the new ep and my enthusiasm died. So please forgive any spelling/typing errors. I've read it once though already but probably missed things. I'll hopefully go back to this later and edit it accordingly. Thanks.

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28th June 2007

11:30pm: This is a worryingly good description of me...
Greek God Test meme... thing...

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24th June 2007

11:12pm: Challenge Fic Complete! Yu-Gi-Oh and Doctor Who Crossover! A Harder Battle
Finished at last. Written for obabscribbler A Doctor Who/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover. Rose Tyler meets Yami. Not quite what was expected perhaps but I hope it's fun anyway.

Titled: Via Scribs

A Harder Battle. (From Plato apparently, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle")

Disclaimer: Nothing in this belongs to me, I'm just haveing fun, yada, yada, yada.

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23rd June 2007

8:08pm: Sound of Drums
BWAH! Buh... ba.. er... He is... oh fu... and they put... and even they even had the collar things and... jelly babies and... references! OMG the references and... and... MWAH! And... and... OMG, and MWAHHHHH


So, what did you guys think?

Other than, 'MWAH!'

EDITED to include more detailed Squeeage. Please click below for things loved.

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3:06pm: Blame oxfordgirl
oxfordgirl wanted me to join in the Mealstrom Fic writing game. So I am. Here are the rules, posted right from her LJ...

Pick two or three of the words from the list below and I will write a short segment (drabble, paragraph, whatever) which features both your Maelstrom character and mine. Neither canonicity nor accuracy is guaranteed, and I may not do all of the requests if I can't think of something good. First come first served, each word to be used only once.

001. Beginnings. 002. Middles. 003. Ends. 004. Insides. 005. Outsides.
006. Hours. 007. Days. 008. Weeks. 009. Months. 010. Years.
011. Red. 012. Orange. 013. Yellow. 014. Green. 015. Blue.
016. Purple. 017. Brown. 018. Black. 019. White. 020. Colourless.
021. Friends. 022. Enemies. 023. Lovers. 024. Family. 025. Strangers.
026. Comrades. 027. Parents. 028. Children. 029. Birth. 030. Death.
031. Sunrise. 032. Sunset. 033. Too Much. 034. Not Enough. 035. Sixth Sense.
036. Smell. 037. Sound. 038. Touch. 039. Taste. 040. Sight.
041. Teacher. 042. Weaver. 043. Huntress. 044. Merchant. 045. Smith.
046. Star. 047. Heart. 048. Diamond. 049. Club. 050. Spade.
051. Water. 052. Fire. 053. Earth. 054. Air. 055. Spirit.
056. Breakfast. 057. Lunch. 058. Dinner. 059. Food. 060. Drink.
061. Winter. 062. Spring. 063. Summer. 064. Autumn. 065. Sharks.
066. Rain. 067. Snow. 068. Lightning. 069. Thunder. 070. Storm.
071. Broken. 072. Fixed. 073. Light. 074. Dark. 075. Shade.
076. Who? 077. What? 078. Where? 079. When? 080. Why?
081. Coyote. 082. Ant. 083. Serpent. 084. Jaguar. 085. Basilisk.
086. Choices. 087. Life. 088. Lesson. 089. Work. 090. Home.
091. Equinox. 092. Solstice. 093. Tomorrow. 094. Yesterday. 095. Birthday.
096. Alternative 097. Luck. 098. Gamble 099. Past. 100. Future.

Right so... erm... enjoy!
Oh, and please... make sure I actually know who your character is! Otherwise things could be embarrassing pretty quickly...
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22nd June 2007

4:49pm: Doctor Who Fic: Beat.
Here's a somewhat hurried and un-betaed fic for Doctor Who. I was bit by Writing-Bunnies (there's no real plot to this,) and decided to put it down before I get entirely spoiled by The Sound of Drums. Please review if you read! thanks!

Title: Drum Beat
Rating: G
Chracters: Professor Yana, mentions of The Doctor
Summery: Professor Yana's always felt that there was a beat missing... Introspective piece set during Utopia
Spoilers: For Utopia, of course.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who does not belong to me, I'm just having fun.

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1:42pm: The Thing With RTD...
A brief bit of Doctor Who musing, but nothing terribly explicit or spoilery, so not under a cut...

The thing I've noticed about a lot of RTD's writing, when he does episodes, is that the plot tends to exist for the character interactions rather than the character interactions being created by the plot.

This isn't always the case, of course. And it's a lot more noticable in some episodes than others. I didn't see it so much in, for example, Smith and Jones, or Gridlock, or Doomsday. But, that said, it was very noticable in 'filler' and 'buildup' episodes such as Boom Town and the most recent ep, Utopia.

And it's not a bad thing neccesaraly. Sure, Boom Town kinda flopped but Utopia, because the interactions and the buildup was so very core to the unerlying season plot and, in general, so very, very well done, it came out wonderfully! But if you look at the plot of those two eps... it's really cast by the way side. It's there, but only to grant a neccesary amuont of tension so that the auther can explore the issues and the character. Which is far different to other writers who tend to create a plot situation and then ask themselves, 'What character interactions will this lead to?'

I think this is why RTD's stuff tends to either rise to the occasion or flop limply. I find myself more or less unable to critisise it, as it's something I do myself and, to be honest, I love it when such things are explored. But never the less it is something that is very noticable within his work. Or so I find, anyway.

At any rate; what do you guys think?
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21st June 2007

6:28pm: Is it Saterday Yet?
Just rewatched Utopia. I fancy a debate and a squee and... yeah...

Anyone wanna give it a go?

Also, edited for GIP!

Mmm... now I see it up it needs more work...

Oh well.
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20th June 2007

3:49pm: Hello! It's been a while, huh? Ach, I guess I should update more but I just have not been in the mood to recentally. At any rate... a brief over-view of events.

Mealstrom was, typically, really good. Glad I went as it really took my mind off work and so forth. I'm really buzzing for next event, though I've horrible feelings that my Character really WON'T survive this next one. Still, I'm glad Corundum didn't die then as that would have really put a downer on my day.

The week after that was typically quiet and chilled which was nice. I'll hopefully have Scrib's challenge fic done soon too, and it's about time! Damn Dr Who/Yu-Gi-Oh crossovers...

The weekend was spent first visiting the Boyfriend, which was full of squiggly goodness, and after that I went and visited my dad which was also great.

I saw both Pirates of the Carabean 3 (VERY good, better than I expected!) and Doctor Who (Wow. just. Wow. I mean they... he... WOW!!!)

Came home, chilled out and tonight I'm going to see my mum's art exhibition. It's been a busy week really, all things considered, but that was what was needed. I'm feeling good about mysefl all in all and I hope I'll get more work soon. I've been applying to a few jobs so... fingers crossed!

Next I need to post up Harry Potter and the Inspecti-spides. But first I need a better title for it. Any suggestions? I'd better start putting it up before the next book comes out but.. meh. I think I'll only put it up here and on FFN for time being. Not sure I can handle the rig-marole of FictionAlly right now.

Also going to finish up the above mentioned Scrib story and then, hopefully, get back to work on Shadows In the Guarden.

Got a few projects on, all in all, just need to get my ass into gear and do them!

7th June 2007

11:19pm: Redundant.

I've lost my job.


To be fair I was made redundant which is a damn sight better than last time, (though I still sucked majorly when it came to receptionsit duties, apparently.) and I'm going to get a good reference but... still kinda a blow to my self confidence.

I just want to get a good, profitable job which I can keep for a bit, you know? I'm tired of being scared in every job I go in that I'm going to loose that security.

Ah well, moving on. Trying not to get too depressed about it. And it's Mealstrom this weekend which I am greatful for. That'll keep my mind off it for a bit.

Hopefully it's a good season for more jobs too, which is a positive thing. So with luck I may be working again soon. We'll see.

This is just so damn depressing.
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12:47am: Dr Who fic.
A short little fic I wrote at work and edited at home. It's not got much of a title asides, at the moment, Five Ways Family of Blood Could Have Ended, and One in Which It Did.

Five short little drabbles on the above subject. Feedback welcome and, indeed, begged for. Also, a better idea for a title would be nice.

Title: Five Ways the Family of Blood Could have Ended.
Rating: PG (to be safe)
Disclaimer: Not mine, just having fun
Summery: See above.
Warnings: Kind of dark and of course contains spoilers for Human Nature and Family of Blood.

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5th June 2007

8:24pm: I'm special and Unique! (Just like everybody else...)
So, Yma2, your LiveJournal reveals...

You are... 0% unique and 33% herdlike
(partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy writing).
When it comes to friends you are popular. In terms of the way you relate to people, you believe in give and take.

Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is conventional.

Your overall weirdness is: 9

(The average level of weirdness is: 27.
You are weirder than 12% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!
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