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The Last of the Time Lords

Have just seen Last of the Timelords. Spoilers under the cut.

The Good:

1: The thing with Martha wandering the world, and the apocolypse and... yeah, very well done. I could have had an entier sereis of watching her do that.

2: The bluff she pulled on the Master. Perfect.

3: Jonn Simms. In general. Just... wowza! Though... not quite as good as last time...

4: The whole thing with the telepathy and everyone thinking about the Doctor. It could have been so awful and yet... it wasn't. IT worked. Not sure *how* it worked but it did.

5: The Master's Death was beautifully handled, especially by the hands of his own wife. Excellent. And David Tennant. Oh, glorious. Just glorious. That had to be my favorite bit of the entire episode. So sad.

6: Jack being... well... the Face of Boe. We were expecting a Jack revolation and BOY, did we get one. Wonderful! Just wonderful!

7: Martha leaving the Doctor. Which was a shame in a way, but also good. It made sense and I'm glad they did exploer the theme like that. Ten out of ten!

8: I totaly called the Tocrafain! I SO called that one! WHEEEE!!!!

(8a) Also, the Titanic. OMG. The Titanic.
(8b) Also, my fic is not entirely Jossed! YAY

The Bad

1: Like littlefeltfangs I felt that the time rewind was a bit of a cop-out reset switch. That *said* I can see why they did it and was almost expecting it after I learned they were fastward forwarding for a year. One tenth of the population: I can see getting away with that. A yera forward and most of the world gone? Notsomuch. BUT it would have been very cool for the reset switch not to have worked like that. Oh well.

2: The Death of the Master and then the Master (technically) coming back. I don't know... I would have liked it if the Doctor had kept him inprisoned. Or if the Master had just died and there were no clues to his survival. Or if the clue hadn't been so very... meh. But that end bit with the ring just didn't quite work for me. It felt like they'd squandered a bit of an opportunity there.
That **said** I cannot feel too bad abuot that. It'll be great to see the Master return.

3: The wife. We never got to see more of Lucy, or get what she was about. Which I felt was a shame. I would have liked to have seen her character explored a bit more.

4: Whilst I think, for me, the telepathic thing with everyone thinking 'Doctor' worked, I'm not sure it would have worked for everyone. It balenced carefuly on the knife of 'awsomness,' and 'cheesy.' For me it leant towards the former but I can very much see others considering it very much the latter.

5: Martha's departure because, whilst I liked it and it was handled well and I *tottaly* relate, at the same time she was an awsome companion. I hope the next one is as brill.

In geneal this was a very awsome episode. I felt it failed a little in places, but most of the failings I understand so I don't feel too bad about it. I kinda wish they hadn't pressed the reset button, but that was about the worst of it. A good episode if not quite as wonderful as the previous. Four out of five.

Now I'm going off to edit that fic.

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