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I've lost my job.


To be fair I was made redundant which is a damn sight better than last time, (though I still sucked majorly when it came to receptionsit duties, apparently.) and I'm going to get a good reference but... still kinda a blow to my self confidence.

I just want to get a good, profitable job which I can keep for a bit, you know? I'm tired of being scared in every job I go in that I'm going to loose that security.

Ah well, moving on. Trying not to get too depressed about it. And it's Mealstrom this weekend which I am greatful for. That'll keep my mind off it for a bit.

Hopefully it's a good season for more jobs too, which is a positive thing. So with luck I may be working again soon. We'll see.

This is just so damn depressing.
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